Floor Sanding and Lacquering Services

Floor Sanding and Lacquering are one of the specialities of City Prime. Your hardwood floor feels like it has been given a new life. We have some highly talented and qualified professionals who have the vision of giving top-notch services in London. Whenever you think about hardwood floor refinishing needs, City Prime has to be the first choice when you are looking for a top quality at an affordable price.

Our Services

Sanding and Sealing

Our experts can assist you whether you want to restore a new installation or your old wood floors have lost their sparkle. For a flawless finish, we employ dust-free sanding technology and premium sealants.

Floor Repair and Restoration

If your hardwood floors have suffered wear and tear over the years, we can repair and restore them to their former glory. Our team can handle deep cracks, stains, and flaking polish, leaving you with a beautifully rejuvenated floor.

Custom Staining

To improve the beauty of your wood floors, we provide a large selection of floor stain colours.
Our experts can help you choose the perfect shade to match your aesthetic preferences.

Water-Based and A/C Parquet Lacquers

We specialize in applying both A/C parquet lacquers and water-based floor lacquers. Your floors benefit from the durability and spectacular beauty of these premium coatings.

Why Choose Us?

Professionals with experience: Our team comprises highly qualified floor specialists with years of floorboard restoration and refinishing experience. We have successfully renovated many buildings, producing excellent outcomes.

Innovative Techniques: To keep at the forefront of the business, we are constantly updating our equipment and procedures for hardwood floor refinishing. We take every precaution to stay up to date; therefore, all of our team members receive regular training.

Quality Checks: Your floor treatment is sure to receive the best treatment. Our team carries out quality inspections while the floor is being sanded and lacquered to make sure the highest standards are fulfilled.

Tidy Process: City Prime takes cleanliness seriously. Dust and inconvenience are reduced as much as possible during our floor sanding and lacquering process. Throughout the process, we take care to thoroughly clean up and use cutting-edge, dust-free sanders to
leave your room spotless.

Budget Friendly: A quality service always has to be light on the pocket. You will receive
excellent floor sanding and lacquering from City Prime at a price of your liking.

Our Works

Achieve a Modern Floor environment

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