Commercial Office Cleaning Service in London

Daily and Deep Office Cleaning

Hiring a good cleaner is expensive, and cleaning your own office is time-consuming. Let us help you with a free consultation call to discuss your needs, after which we will provide you with a quote for an office cleaning service that fits your budget.

Professional Office Cleaning Services

Any firm might benefit greatly from office cleaning services. They provide the comfort of knowing that your workplace is being looked after by qualified professionals in addition to being an affordable solution to maintain your office spaces looking and smelling clean.

For a company’s brand awareness and customer perception, cleanliness is of the greatest priority. It also plays a significant part in promoting the health and wellness of employees, and by reducing absences from work, it can have a direct impact on productivity.

We will configure your office cleans to match your particular needs, including frequency, depth of clean, and time of clean, for the reception area, offices, meeting rooms, restrooms, and kitchens.

Commercial Cleaning Services

In and around London, we provide experienced business cleaning services. We have the knowledge and experience to provide a comprehensive range of cleaning services at a calibre that exceeds your expectations, regardless of the size or scope of the premises.

In London and the surrounding areas, CityPrime performing regular office cleaning. Along with the basic commercial cleaning, we also provide a number of other services that you can add to your contract as needed.

These services include window cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning, deep cleaning, office waste management, cleaning of common areas, COVID-secure cleaning, cleaning of kitchens and catering facilities, and much more.

Different Types of Cleaning Services

When it comes to office cleaning services, there are many different types available. Depending on the size and scope of the organization, corporate offices may require a daily maintenance plan or a deep-cleaning service. For small businesses, hiring a professional cleaning company is often more efficient than having in-house staff take care of the space. Daily cleaning typically consists of vacuuming carpets, mopping floors, dusting surfaces and windowsills, as well as taking out any trash or debris that accumulates throughout the day. Deep cleans usually involve more intensive cleaning such as scrubbing bathrooms and toilets, polishing furniture and appliances, and other hard-to-reach spots that need special attention. In addition to the general cleaning services mentioned previously, CityPrime also offer specialised services like window washing or power washing for those who need extra help with their particular industry’s needs.

Why Choose CityPrime

CityPrime has earned a reputation for providing above-and-beyond service, dependable workers, and superior cleaning.
We invest in equipment and training, which puts us above a lot of the competitors.
Also, we are adaptable. Even while we do have contracts, these agreements allow for flexibility to add or change services as needed. We recognise that business needs constant adaptability, thus you need contractors who are ready to do the same. That is what we provide.

We also offer:

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Client Testimonials

My office recently underwent a thorough cleaning, and I'm quite happy with the results! They were punctual in their arrival and completed the task quickly. The staff was polite and professional, which enhanced my encounter. They also managed to clean several difficult-to-reach locations that I hadn't been able to reach myself, which really impressed me.
Harold Noah
I recently hired CityPrime for office cleaning and I'm so glad I did! They arrived on time, did a great job, and left the office looking immaculate. The staff was friendly and professional - it was a really pleasant experience. The cleaning products they used were top quality, leaving the office smelling fresh and clean. They also took extra care to make sure all surfaces were wiped down and free of dust.
Clara Cairns
CityPrime provided office cleaning services for me lately, and I couldn't be happier with the results. They were punctual, diligent, and competent, and the outcome was excellent. The team did a fantastic job making sure that all the areas were cleaned to my satisfaction. They were kind and effective. For any office cleaning need, I would heartily suggest CityPrime. The services were of the best quality and were reasonably priced.
William Stribling

Achieve a cleaner office environment

If you’re looking for office cleaners to maintain a spotless working environment, ensure the health of staff and maximise productivity, request a quote or site survey today.